We are the leading political organization advancing LGBTQ equality in Pennsylvania

We are Pennsylvanians, for Pennsylvanians.

Keystone Equality advances civil rights for LGBTQ people through powering change within our communities and across local, state, and federal government.

Over 500,000 LGBTQ Pennsylvanians deserve equality under the law. Will you join us?

Keystone Equality

Keystone Equality was formed in November 2022 to empower LGBTQ Pennsylvanians to have a strong political voice in PA. Through voter mobilization, electoral advocacy, and political organizing, Keystone Equality will center LGBTQ Pennsylvanians in the fight for equality, equity, and inclusion on the basis of sexual orientation and gender identity across our state. Keystone Equality is in the process of filing for 501(c)(4) nonprofit status.